Applications for financial support to projects

The applications should include the description and motivation of the project, the list of participants, the project schedule and the estimated budget. The usual guidelines for the submission of projects to funding agencies are applicable.

The applications can be submitted as PDF in electronic form (preferred) or by post.

There are no fixed application deadlines. It should be noted however that at any given time we are supporting more than one project, most of which have a duration of two to three years. Therefore it would be unrealistic to expect support for a new project at short notice. The timeline of the proposed project will have to be carefully considered.

Applications for for student grants (classical music)

The grants cover the cost of tuition fees for one or two semesters (based on the current tariffs in Switzerland).

Only a few grants, generally no more than six or seven, are allocated each year. The demand is much higher. The probability of success is therefore relatively small.

The applications should follow standard practices and should include cover letter, CV, certificate of registration to courses and recommendation letters from professors. Links to recordings/clips available on the web should also be included.

The applications can be submitted as PDF in electronic form (preferred) or by post. There are no fixed deadlines. The time of allocation of the grants may vary according to circumstances.

Inquiries about the foundation

Inquiries can be addressed to us by email or post. We’ll be pleased to reply.


The foundation does not make fundraising campaigns. However donations are welcome. They can be earmarked for a specific project or for grants to classical music students, if so wished.

Donations can be made to the bank accounts of the foundation (CHF and EUR). Payment slips are available. We invite donors to contact us for details. Donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.

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